To encourage people to learn art of forgiveness to build a more forgiving world


Virtual events, Social Media campaigns, Email shots


The campaign is being planned and executed from Jun-Dec 2021

GPUH campaign

Forgiveness Revolution

GPUH has planned to start a campaign under its "The Power of Forgiveness" initiative. The purpose of the campaign is to promote peace through forgiveness. It is a call to action to inspire individuals, families, communities, and entities around the world to reconcile and come together.

On an individual level, we can forgive ourselves or we can forgive others. Self-forgiveness is the experience of getting successfully past self-condemnation by responsibly dealing with our shortcomings and restoring a healthy sense of self. Research suggests that these acts of individual-level forgiveness carry enormous mental and physical health benefits. Then there is a community forgiveness and on a larger scale, societal forgiveness. It is about a collectively embraced decision to change negative behaviour, thoughts, feelings, and motivations toward an offending group or groups of people. Community injustices vary greatly in their nature. Some affect a small portion of the community; others touch the lives of virtually all members. Some community offenses are minor and others are quite severe, even life-threatening. As such, community forgiveness is a process that unfolds within a particular place and time.

Through this campaign, GPUH aims to restore families, repair friendships, strengthen communities and empower people. We will be running this campaign at grassroot level asking signing and sharing the message of forgiveness at Train Stations, Parks, High Streets and other public open spaces. We will also run a consistent social media campaign on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Become part of this life changing experience and this forgiveness revolution.