Muazzam Ali S.

I am Councillor in Barking and Dagenham and a practicing solicitor running my own law firm named Mas and Fox Solicitor. I am human rights activist and involved many social and community activities. I believe in democracy, humanity, equality, diversity and social inclusion.

I have track record of working for human rights and upholding principles of human rights and rule of law. I organise and host on regular basis conferences, events and seminars on Human Rights, Rule of Law and highlighting many of social and community issues and it’s solutions.

I am radio presenter at Revive FM UK and doing my show your voice with Muazzam wherein I invite many guests from different area of professions, and other community leaders to have their views on the current issues the public of UK. I believe in British values and always support and uphold them. I do recite Naat (Nasheen) and tilawat Quran pak as these are my favourite hobbies.

  • Councillor Barking and Dagenham
  • Principal Solicitor, Mas & Fox Solicitors
  • Human Rights Commissioner @ Citizens Commission for Human Rights
  • Ex. Chairman International Lawyers Club UK
  • Global Ambassador @ Minhaj Welfare Foundation
  • Ambassador @Global Peace and Unity for Humanity
  • School Governor
  • Governor of Waltham International College (Campus of Leads Trinity University)
  • Radio Presenter: Hosting radio show “Your Voice with Muazzam” at Revive FM UK FM 94.0