GPUH Initiative

RIP Wars

GPUH is all about Peace and Unity. War is the word we hate the most. We are taking this initiative “RIP Wars” to condemn all the wars happening around the world and take measures to help prevent these wars by raising awareness among the common people because we believe when they are united and raise their voice in unity, these wars will be buried forever. That’s why we say “Rest in Peace Wars”.

We aim to arrange demonstrations against all the ongoing wars, be it a Palestinian war, Syrian war or the Ukranian war. War is a war. A war affects peace of the world. War kills people. It damages economies and business. It leaves long-term impact on human lives. The loss of war is endless. We need to prevent wars, by standing together, by condemning on various forums, and by becoming more aware so that we do not fall victim of the biased media and misinformation.

We have to work together to stop militarism, support disarmament, discourage glorification of war crimes, and protest against bombings of all kinds, forms and regions. We have to talk. We have to talk about these in schools, at workplaces, on parliament floor and in our religious institutions. We have to stand together to achieve global peace.

GPUH will run various campaigns on all print, tv and social medias to raise awareness about this and request people to become part of this noble cause. Peace has to win, wars have to lose. Wars have to be buried deep down. Even wars have to rest in peace so that this world can become a peaceful place to live.

If this initiative touches your heart and you want to contribute to the cause, become our Peace Ambassador and promote peace and unity across the globe.