Refugees are Refugees

GPUH Initiative

Refugees are Refugees

“Refugees are Refugees” is our latest initiative to fight against the discrimination of refugees around the world. Refugees are surprisingly being denied entry to safe territories to survive. Refugees are being discriminated on the basis of their colour, religion and beliefs. These people are human. These are families who are men, women, children, of all ages. They are fleeing persecution and terror.

GPUH under this initiative will start awareness campaigns and will do lobbying with human rights organisations from across to globe to discuss this matter at an international level. GPUH will engage with relevant government bodies to review their Refugee policies and Asylum laws to help affected families to have a safe and peaceful lives.

In the recent years, we have noticed that refugees are being discriminated on the basis of their belief, colour and culture. This has been to such an extent that it feels so inhumane and so insensitive of the people in governments. GPUH will run massive campaigns on various traditional and digital medias to highlight these discriminatory policies and urge United Nations along with other human right organisations to work together to prevent such illegal and discriminatory practises.

If this initiative touches your heart and you want to contribute to the cause, become our Peace Ambassador and promote peace and unity across the globe.