Our campaign "The right to Freedom of Expression is not an Absolute Right" is in Daily Mirror today. Founded in 1903, the newspaper is a British national daily newspaper that is considered to be engaged in tabloid-style journalism. Known for its strong social conscience, Daily Mirror has led the campaign for more lifeboats on ships after the deaths of the poorest on board the Titanic, campaigned against the ivory trade and seal clubbing and helped create the World Wildlife Fund. Their battle alongside families of the 96 victims of the Hillsborough Disaster changed the course of history. More recently newspaper waged a campaign to save the British steel industry and explored the current homelessness crisis. A change in the law on organ donation, which could save 500 lives every year, thanks to their long-running campaign. The newspapers is read by hundreds of thousands of people everyday through out the UK. We hope our awareness campaign in such an esteemed newspaper will make an impact too. We have received tremendous positive response and acknowledgement from members of public through out the United Kingdom. We hope this campaign will continue to make an impact and help form a peaceful, respectful and united society.