Knockout Your Islamophobia

GPUH Initiative

Knockout Your Islamophobia

Our initiative “Knockout Your Islamophobia” is our new initiative to combat Islamophobia that has been affecting lives of billions of people across the globe, both muslims and non-muslims. Islamophobia is the fear of, hatred of, or prejudice against the religion of Islam or Muslims in general, especially when seen as a source of terrorism. GPUH decided to take this initiative in the light of recent declaration by the United Nations declaring 15th March an International Day to Combat Islamophobia.

UN Generally Assembly unanimously adopted this resolution as a result of widespread Islamophobia around the world affecting lives of billions of Muslims. The muslim community has been facing serious discrimination, isolation and threat to their lives. According to "Fear, Inc.," a report by the Center for American Progress, a network of misinformation experts actively promotes Islamophobia in America. This promotion of Islamophobia is creating both prejudice and discrimination among the general population. Prejudice has been playing a key role in the existence and proliferation of Islamophobia. Prejudice alone, as a negative judgment, opinion, or attitude, is a detriment to a population's overall well-being. Prejudice combined with overt actions, rising to the level of discrimination, creating a dangerous environment for its victims.

GPUH through this initiative will run awareness campaigns on various traditional and digital medias to combat Islamophobia across the globe, specially focusing in the regions where Islamophobia is the biggest concern and threat to the peace of this world. GPUH aim to clarify misconceptions, prevent misinformation and educate the fellow human beings to not become the victim of this misinformation.

Interfaith Harmony Seminars

GPUH will organise and host events and seminars across the globe to encourage interfaith harmony among the followers of different religions. The purpose of these events will be to connect people of different religions to know more about the others, the rights of others to practise their religion in their own way and live with mutual respect.

Meet & Greet Muslims

GPUH will host social networking events to allow people to connect one-to-one and explore about each other to build a community where the discrimination, biasness, fears have no place. A strong bond among the local communities to live in peace and harmony.

Global Media

GPUH will run various campaigns on traditional media, print media and most specifically the digital media. We believe the digital media reaches to the masses and creates and impact that lasts forever. We will engage renowned social media influencers to highlight the importance of the matter and encourage their fan following to not fall victim of the Islamophobia.

We have to combat this fear and we can only do it together. Let’s become part of this noble cause and help us build a better and peaceful world.